Stillness Light

Stillness is a lamp but also an object to observe, which creates a conversation space and a place to relax mind, as it happens in front of a fireplace. The lamp is made of 64 Oled mirror panels of 58x63x1 mm. placed in a three dimensional grille. Stillness is placed inside a rectangle which dimensions have a pleasant aesthetic proportion (about 1:1.618), already expressed in the classic art and in architecture as well in nature. The structure is in acid treated steel protected with natural wax. The folded panels to support the Oled are in satined aluminium, while clips are in vibrated brass. All construction elements, which generally are technical elements, in this project are conversing with light and become, in their formal precision, details of a particular aesthetic value.
Designer: Paolo Dell’Elce per Kaneka
Place: Tokyo - Milano
Year: 2013