Roddy Giacosa

In Tel Aviv, at the exhibition entitled “In Reverse” at the Design Museum, the lights will be focused for four months on the greater piece at the center of the hall. It is the remake of a Fiat 500 (the old model, the one of the first 60’s), with real dimensions, made completely in polished stainless steel. The work of art is called “Roddy Giacosa”, a game words which mixes the rod word with the name of the historic car designer. The construction technology, very close to Ron Arad, is to place side by side hundreds of round bars of 10 mm. diameter, with a manual work very long and extremely complex. All is developed starting by a three-dimensional scanning of the original car to develop then at the computer a geometric model on which it is possible to realize the framework for the works in our factory. After six months of production, great public could admire this spectacular sculpture and during the opening evening, the Mayor of Tel Aviv and the Ambassador of Italy in Israel have done great commendation to Realize and to the Made in Italy.
Designer: Ron Arad Associates
Place: Tel Aviv
Year: 2013