Bulgari Hotel & Residences

In this project precision, preciousness and details refinement are the common denominator. A big staircase in polished stainless steel 12 meters wide with wooden boiserie is the important scenografy which links the two levels of ground floor and first floor. Always on the staircase area, a part of the curved walls is covered with a printed stainless steel sheet fabric with a particular process with acid which creates different tones working on the metal chemistry. At the upper level there is a bar desk structure of 8,5 meters made in wood and corian, glass shelves with lacquered back and outside surfaces curved in mirror polished stainless steel hand hammered. This desk has been made in two big pieces which have been reassembled on site, welded and re-polished to obtain one piece only without visible joints.
Designer: Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel and Partners
Place: London
Year: 2012