Copper Trilogy

With the opportunity of the “Salone del Mobile” 2012, KME has questioned to three International famous designers, to develop three furnishings projects sharing the use of copper and its alloy. The Studio Nendo has developed the “Mist”project, a family of small tables of essential lines where the polished brass is enriched with a mat white lacquer, sprayed with delicate nuances which changes from one model to the other. More essential is the interpretation of Francesco Rota, Milan designer who introduces copper in a daily object: “Beryl”, a set of trays composition of an hexagonal and trapezoidal shape which stuck in free compositions. The different colours of the elements are obtained through craftsmanship treatments on metals, using particular acids and natural wax. The Swedish Studio Front has signed “Draped Copper Lamp”, a lamp of a deep and retro soul, where the acid treated copper sheet is modeled as a fabric.
Designer: Nendo, Francesco Rota, Front per KME
Place: Milano
Year: 2012